The Horrible Effects Of Democrat Leadership In A City

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It’s well known that Detroit has had serious financial issues for some time now and the city itself has suffered from irresponsible leadership. What happened to the former Pontiac Silverdome is a reflection of failed leadership and horrible policies within the city’s government.

Completed in 1975, the Silverdome had the crown of being the largest arena in the NFL until FedEx field opened in Washington D.D. in 1997. It holds 82,000 people and cost $55 million in 1975 to build, which would be $244 million in today’s dollars. It’s located in Pontiac, Michigan which is a suburb just Northwest of Detroit.

In 2002 the Detroit Lions left the stadium to move to Ford Field, leaving the stadium up for sale by the City of Pontiac, where it is located. However around the same time the city was having serious financial troubles and struggled to sell the complex.

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There were several offers to buy it, with the highest being $18 million by a firm that wanted to convert it into a Hollywood-style entertainment complex. However officials within the city refused the bid and instead put it up for auction in November of 2009 without a minimum bid.

The stadium sold to a Canadian real estate developer that same year for $585,000. Many have said the sale price reflects the plummeting property values in the area that have occurred from poor economic policies and a hostile business environment.

After hosting several successful events, the roof of the stadium was permanently deflated in January of 2013. The owner said that maintenance costs were too high and it wasn’t worth the investment to keep it up and running because of the struggling economy within the city and surrounding areas.

The video above was shot recently and shows an abandoned stadium that once stood proud and was home to many major events. Unfortunately, much like the area it’s in, now it’s a sad reminder of what happens when liberals have unchecked control in a city and drive out businesses and investors.

Do you think different economic policies could have saved this one-great stadium? Let us know with a comment!

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