Obama Scolds Journalist, Storms Off Like A Child

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It’s not a secret that Obama isn’t exactly nice to journalists who asks questions he doesn’t like or have an ideology that differs from his. After all he’s scolded reporters, blocked certain journalists from briefings, and even targeted reporters for surveillance so it’s rather obvious he doesn’t like to be questioned.

On Tuesday, the President was touring the White House science fair when a White House correspondent from Real Clear Politics asked him a question about his foreign policy in Syria, which has been an abysmal failure. So when Alexis Simendinger asked him a question about it he became noticeable irritated and snapped at her.

“I’m sorry, we’re doing a science fair – C’mon. C’mon,” he said before storming off like a child.

Should we really expect anything less from someone who can’t stand when anybody dare question him?

Not really.

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