Lesbian Lover Murders Significant Others’ Child After Breakup

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In a cruel twist of fate, a two year old girl is dead after her mother’s lesbian lover drowned her in the bathtub after the broke up. The woman also allegedly tried to kill her significant other’s second child but failed to do so.

Kymberley Lucas and Jacquelyn Jamason were a lesbian couple that cared for Jamason’s two children – her two year old daughter, Elliana, and ten year old son whose name is being withheld. Police were called to the Palm Beach home after they received reports of a drowning where they found little Elliana dead.

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The couple had allegedly just gone through a break up where Jamason wanted to separate from Lucas. The circumstance pushed Lucas to do the unimaginable, leaving the two year old dead, and was rumored to have attempted to end the lives of herself and the 10-year-old as well.

The two still alive were taken to the hospital but there has been no word yet released on their condition.

Ironically, just a week before the incident, Lucas had posted a picture on her social media account with her arms around the two children and the caption reading, “Those two precious souls are my life!”


Lucas has since been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Stories regarding lesbian lovers seem to be on the rise lately as just a while ago Mr. Conservative reported that a lesbian couple had brainwashed their young child to the extent that they now considered themselves transgender.

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So what do you think – why would anyone do such a thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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