MSNBC Host Compares NBA Players To Plantation Slaves

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Last week we reported to you about the growing calls that reparations be paid to black people because of the atrocities of slavery, which they never experienced. As if the notion of paying black people just because they’re black isn’t absurd enough, now idiot MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry – who wears tampon earrings – compared NBA players to plantation slaves even though they’re paid millions to play a sport.

Her short monologue was enough to make your skin crawl from listening to the liberal drivel spewing from her mouth, and was just as insulting to the players as the comments that Donald Sterling made to his lunatic girlfriend.

Liberals Now Demanding REPARATIONS For Blacks

You can’t really talk about reparations, and ignore the modern-day wealthy Americans who own teams predominantly made up of black men, and profit from their bodies and labor. Don Sterling, Mark Cuban, and the NBA when we return.

But it was the outspoken Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who sounded a note of caution. While Cuban called Sterling’s remarks “abhorrent”, he warned that a blanket call for the NBA to kick Sterling out of the league for something he said in private was a, quote, “very, very slippery slope”. In interviews published this week by Inc. Magazine, Cuban waded even deeper into the complicated discourse on race in this country.

… All right, so let’s review the whole story. Wealthy owners? Check. Profit made from the sale of black bodies? Check. Racial angst? Check. We’re going to have more on the case for reparations after this.”

So did you get all that? Because rich white guys own NBA teams and pay their players millions of dollars to play a sport, they’re no better than the plantation owners back in the day who relied on slave labor to make a profit. Forget that each player chooses to play the game voluntarily though, because thoughts like that don’t even belong in this discussion.

What an insane world we live in when people actually believe this type of crap.

[VIDEO] Biracial Writer To MSNBC: I Am Not To Be Dehumanized. That’s What They Did To Slaves

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