Liberal Lies Come Forward During Santa Barbara Killer Episode

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Over the weekend, a troubled college student went on a homicidal rampage as sexual frustration and his personal disability got the best of him. As the main stream media would have it however, every attempt to demonize the right is a well accepted opportunity, and they have taken full advantage of the opportunity.

Below are 6 lies purposefully spread by the Liberal media in an attempt to demonize guns, conservatives and whatever else could fit into their neat little narrative.

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1. The attack was the product of a patriarchal society.

The left would love to have you think that as society has been for years, the father leading the family is a bad thing. Of course, this is sexist and feminist need something to fight against, so why not add this to the list? Of course as several of us are the product of a male head of household, and seeing how we have yet to go on a homicidal fit of rage, its safe to say that this argument is ill founded and invalid.

Elliot Rodger was the killer – and he is responsible for his own actions.

2. Rodger was a chauvinistic sexist who only targeted women.

False – Rodger viewed anyone who was generally happier than him to have committed personal crimes against him. In both his last video and manifesto, he explained that women were to blame for not having sex with him, but so were the men who were lucky enough to have sex as well. During the attacks, he did not discriminate between sexes.

3. Those who died were killed by guns.

False again. Guns were responsible for only half of the killings – the other three were murdered by knives. Look out, here comes the assault knife legislation.

4. This all could have been stopped with a bit more gun control.

California has just about the strictest gun controls in the nation, this very likely would have done absolutely nothing in addition.

5. Rodger was a conservative.

Nice try guys. The only evidence linking Rodger to any political party was that he was a subscriber of the “Young Turks” YouTube channel – an extremely left leaning program.

6. The killings were the result of “white privilege.”

Perhaps the most asinine argument as even by his picture one can tell Rodger was at least half Chinese.

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Let us know what you think of these ridiculous and un-vetted facts that the media is so eager to spew in the comments below.

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