White Dancer Kicked Off Dance Floor At Black Arts Festival, Guess Why? (Bizarre Video)

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A white woman who was performing at a St. Louis black arts festival was kicked off the dance floor because she was white, according to reports.

Susan Stone was dancing at the African Arts festival in Forest Park and enjoying herself. Then out of nowhere one of the staffers came up to her and asked her to leave the dance floor, making a racist comment immediately after.

“He tells me ‘you can’t be doing this here this is an African American event you can’t be at this event you’re not black,’” Stone said. “I feel angry because they’re missing out on the beauty of everything we’re all supposed to get along together that’s what God says.”

According to Stone, the incident was caught on tape.

However the organizers of the event claim that Stone was acting out and being unruly between performances then wasn’t cooperative when she was asked to stop.

Co-chairman of the event Jason McNairy said “That’s something that’s unacceptable and that’s an apology from me because we want everyone to showcase their talents and their abilities.”

Isn’t it wonderful how tolerance only ever seems to go one way?

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