BBC PC Brigade Censors The Word, “Girl,” Public Outraged

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As the Left continue their efforts toward complete tolerance, it seems that the public is growing increasingly tired of their shenanigans. Most recently, BBC and the PC (politically correct) brigade has recently gone so far as to censor the word “girl,” from a show they aired.

While filming the documentary titled, “Commonwealth Games,” the host, Mark Beaumont, 31, was slammed to the ground by a young judo champion. Immediately after, he was recorded saying, “I am not sure I can live that down – being beaten by a 19-year-old-girl.”

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Needless to say, BBC made an effort to make sure that the g-word didn’t make itself into the final cut. Instead of thinking they did the public a favor however, everyone who was made aware of the incident were actually quite upset.

Critic Tory MP Philip Davie explained, “They are finding offense where none is taken or intended. We are going to end up in a situation where nobody is going to dare say anything lest some politically correct zealot deems it offensive.”

Twitter users also unleashed on BBC as Andrew Ramsbottom wrote, “Ha, now the BBC has really lost the plot. We now have the G-word that is not PC! Girl is now deemed sexist and can’t be used. Just wrong!”

Garry Sawyer further explained, “The BBC has gone PC mad, deleting the word “girl” from a doco for being sexist, what is this world coming to?”

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And Stephen Williams noted, “BBC edit out word “girl” as though it might be construed as sexist! Dumping older women broadcasters alright though.”

What do you guys think – is this whole “tolerant” and PC thing going a bit too far? Where will it end? Let us know in the comments below.

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