Black Woman Angry About Handicapped Woman Slowing The Bus Down Gets Owned

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It’s no secret that many people in America seem to think we all live in their world and as such we should cater to their every whim. Given that, it’s not surprising that someone would actually have the audacity to complain about a handicapped person slowing down their morning commute, and that’s what happened here.

The video was taken on a New York City bus and shows a man, obviously fed up with what the woman near him is saying, giving her a verbal smack-down for having the nerve to complain about a handicapped passenger.

They start out bickering back and forth and the man tells her that in New York everybody is late, which if you’ve ever been that’s a very true statement. However the woman keeps at it, insisting the reason she’s going to be late to work is because of the woman next to her in the wheelchair.

Since she wasn’t backing down, the man stepped up his criticism of her and says she should take her anger about her “bullsh*t job” out on other people. Again the lady continues to press the issue, continually blaming others for her lack of planning.

The man eventually gets on her about taking responsibility for herself and her own actions and that’s when things come to an end. Apparently the woman didn’t enjoy being made to look like a fool, even though she really is.

What would you have said to this woman if it were you? Let us know with a comment!

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