6 Worst Teachers Of 2014

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Many teachers have come under the heavy scrutiny of the public as the use of the internet offers an extremely handy way of communicating. As word gets out fairly easy these days, the staff here at Mr. Conservative figured we’d compile a list of the naughtiest teachers of 2014 – so far.

1. Meredith Powell


Ms. Powell was busted after being discovered to have enacted in oral sex with several high school boys behind the locked door of her classroom. Apparently Powell also had a taste for cheesy porno dialogue as several of the student reported her over-the-talk conversations before hand.

2. Felicia Smith


Ms. Smith found herself in a bit of hot water after giving a male student a birthday surprise. In front of the whole class, Smith reportedly gave the student a lap dace and at one point even placed her head in between his knees. She ended the awkward incident by saying, “I love you, baby. Happy birthday.”

3. Greg Abernathy and Connie Lambert

This lovely duo decided that the appropriate thing to do in front of a classroom full of teachers was to twerk. Switching roles however, the Ms. Abernathy stood in the back, while Mr. Lambert shook his behind on her front side. Needless to say, a couple students recorded the incident which eventually made it to their social media pages.

4. Jamie Climie


Ms. Climie was discovered to have sent inappropriate pictures to a student but later told police that her phone had been stolen and that someone else must’ve sent them.   Insisting that she had only sent the graphic pics to her husband, it was later discovered that it was in fact her that sent the photos.

5. Olivia Sprauer


Now going by the name Victoria V. James, was fired from her position as an English teacher after the school found out she was modeling lingerie after-hours. Sprauer got her revenge on the school as she eventually posed for Hustler magazine’s cover.

6. Cristy Nicole Deweese


A Spanish teacher out of Texas was recently outed as a former playboy model by some inquisitive students stumbled across the photos. The boy’s shouted, “That’s my Spanish teacher,” after seeing her posing completely nude as Playboy’s “Coed of the Month.”

Let us know what you had to think of these naughty teachers in the comments below.

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