Memorial Day Block Party In The Hood Erupts Into All-Out Brawl

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This Memorial Day most people are out celebrating with their families and enjoying the official start to the summer while paying homage to our warriors who are KIA, active and retired. However other people appear to be celebrating in different ways, like having an all-out street brawl at a block party.

It’s unclear where this took place, however the video shows a massive group of people all hanging out at a block party appearing to have a good time when a fight breaks out. From that point on it was pandemonium until the police showed up on their cute little Segways.

The video shows a small group of people who seem to start to get rowdy with each other, bouncing around and yelling like they want to fight. Shortly after the start the group appears to start throwing punches back and forth while the number of people involved begins to grow.

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As crowds form for both sides in the street, the person shooting the video moves in for a closer shot. At this point all hell breaks loose and at least 20 people begin brawling right on the side of the road.

The fight continues into the street, and the crowd has grown even bigger with women actually joining the fray. They all seem to be centered on a couple of people who are laying in the street and taking a beating from others around them.

Shortly after they all seem to break the fight up on their own, with both groups backing up to their respective sides and yelling back and forth and one another. At this point the police start rolling in on their Segways to quell the tempers of the involved parties.

This Memorial Day, while we’re supposed to be remembering our soldiers and the sacrifices they make for us, we can also be thankful that we don’t live in an area where this would happen. Aside from being pitiful behavior, it’s disrespectful to the men and women in uniform who lay their lives on the line so that people such as this can be as stupid as they are.

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