Conservatives Seeking To Oust Boehner In Upcoming Election

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Between the 6% approval rating in Congress, and Boehner’s shocking pledge to work with Democrats on amnesty it’s clear that something needs to be done. Trying to remedy the abysmal effect that Congress has had over the recent years, Conservatives have recently hinted that they are aiming to elect someone a bit more effective as Speaker of the House.

Although rumors have been recently starting to strengthen in numbers that Trey Gowdy is being eyed for the position, it seems that he may have his work cut out if he intends to take the throne. Of course Boehner is a long time politician with several allies on both sides of the aisle and he’s made it perfectly clear that he isn’t planning on stepping down any time soon.

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Though this may be the case, he shook the board recently as he hinted that he may retire as he most likely wouldn’t be able to commit to yet another year. Leaving several speculative, and eager to jump on the opportunity, Conservatives are rallying behind yet another potential future speaker.

Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling has the support of many Conservatives already, and as of recently, has all but ruled it out for the future. Initially he explained that he was, “flattered,” but that, “It’s not something I’ve aspired to. It’s not something I’m thinking about.”

He did however go on to leave the door open saying, “No, I haven’t been Shermanesque, again I’m not sure there’s any opportunity I want to foreclose.” Despite this being the case, it appears he may just get his unexpected shot as according to CNN:

“At the beginning of the current Congress in January 2013, a dozen House GOP members voted for someone other than Boehner, or voted “present,” an expression of no confidence. Many in that small group are convinced Boehner won’t run for his post after this year’s midterms or that he won’t have the votes to keep that title.”

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Along with the aforementioned hopefuls, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor seems to be gaining momentum and popularity as well as those leaning to the right seek someone a bit more determined to pursue what’s right over what’s easy – a trait that’s becoming extremely noticeable when it comes to Boehner.

What do you guys think – who would you like to see as the next speaker? Let us know in the comments below.

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