Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bikers Descend On DC

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On Sunday the streets of Washington D.C. were filled with the roars of thousands of bikers for their annual Rolling Thunder rally and they’re angrier than ever in the wake of the recent VA scandal that’s rocking the Obama Administration.

According to reports, some 750,000 bikers and spectators converged in the nation’s capital for the rally in support for America POW’s and MIA’s, which has been a tradition since 1998. Among those in attendance are many military veterans on their own bikes, with military badges and medals lining their leather riding vests.

The president of the Rolling Thunder organization and Vietnam veteran, Gary Scheffmeyer, said he and his group have been well aware of the poor treatment that veterans have received from the military.

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“I’ve been using the VA system for about 30 years, and I’ve been treated very well,” he said. “Now, we’ve known of problems with different VAs throughout the country, and this is the most blatant one”

Even so, Scheffmeyer said that he doesn’t want the scandal to overshadow the original purpose of the rally, which is to bring awareness to the fate of American POWs and those who are still missing in action. One of those POWs is Bowe Bergdhal, who’s been held captive by the Taliban since 2008 with little progress being made to secure his release.


“As far as the POW issue, we complain to them all the time, because the government has one POW in Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdhal, who they just don’t do anything about apparently,” he said.

He also said that there’s still American POWs being held in Vietnam from the war that happened four decades ago.

“As far as the Americans missing in Southeast Asia, they don’t do anything about that, they just want to bring home remains, which is great, but there a still a lot of Americans who are reported alive in Vietnam and who never came home,” he said.

To date there’s still an estimated 1,500 American soldiers that are missing in Vietnam.

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