Knockout Game Assailants Leave NYC Man’s Face Broken

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In yet another unprovoked attack of brutality, a NYC man was recently assaulted so bad, it left him hospitalized and in need of surgery. Knockout game punks have struck again as they blindsided a man as he tried to rent a bicycle.

Sal Avila, 27, was in the process of checking out a Citi Bike at about 1 in the morning when he began walking by three black men. At the last second, as they were about to pass, one of the men made a sudden movement leaving Avila feeling like he’d just been hit in the face with a brick.

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As it turns out, they had punched the man in the face for no apparent reason. Avila, albeit stunned, was able to make it back to his feet and run from the men where several onlookers ran to the man’s aid. They also later helped police in successfully apprehending one of the assailants – a 16-year-old boy.

Avila took a trip to the hospital where he there needed surgery to repair his broken nose. Police are currently still looking for the two other assailants complicit in the attack.

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