Terrorists Record Fighter Jet Firing Right At Them

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Well ladies and gentlemen, these purported propaganda videos terrorists take can certainly provide quite the entertainment piece. Recently filmed was a group of terrorists who had been honed in on for a fighter jet gun run.

The group of men were conversing with one another as the cameraman zoomed in on a jet that appeared to have been flying by. Soon however, they realized the gravity of the situation as the Russian MIG 29 turns quickly and faces their position.

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Oddly enough, despite the MIG flying right toward them, the men continue to stand there and film the oncoming machine of war. A bright burst is seen coming from the front of the jet signaling incoming fire is quickly upon them.

Sure enough, the men scatter as the automatic fire rips into the earth all around them. Shouting praises to Allah, the video quickly cuts out leaving viewers unsure of any casualties.

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