Syrian Terrorist Records Himself Getting Shot By Military Sniper

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A new video has surfaced on the web showing the true unpreparedness of the Syrian rebels. Fighting against military trained snipers, it seems that maybe the best thing to have in your hands during a gun fight, is certainly, not a camera.

As we’ve all seen, Muslim extremists love to record their work for future propaganda purposes, and as one was doing just that during a firefight, his friend unexpectedly was hit by a sniper they were shooting at.

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The cameraman quickly ran over to the aid of his fallen comrade, but mistakenly stood in the same position where his friend had just been shot. A few moments later, the cameraman was also downed by the military sniper as the video cuts out as the man takes a spill.

Hearing just the beginning of his agonizing screams, viewers witness yet another Muslim being taken home and rewarded with his 72 virgins. Let us know what you thought of this incredible video in a comment below.

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