Meet The Model Who Turned The Santa Barbara Killer Into A Psycho

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The man who went on a rampage in Santa Barbara on Friday, killing six people plus himself, left behind a chilling manifesto in which he branded a model that he went to school with as an “evil b*tch,” causing him to hate all women.

Elliot Rodger first stabbed three people to death in his shared apartment home then shot and killed three more students before killing himself. He left behind a 141-page manifesto showing us all just how disturbed he is, according to the DailyMail.

The long document that the 22-year-old college student penned reveals how his hatred toward women began after he was “teased and ridiculed” by a “pretty blonde girl” who was a year younger than he was, and he also likened himself to God with his psychotic ranting.

“I hated her so much, and I will never forget her,” he wrote. “I started to hate all girls because of this. I saw them as mean, cruel, and heartless creatures that took pleasure from my suffering…”

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The girl, who wasn’t named for privacy reasons, has worked as a model for Hollister and her brother had a small role in the movie “Hunger Games.” She met Rodger when she was just 13 and according to frinds they haven’t been in contact for years.

“To be teased and ridiculed by the girl I had a crush on wounded me deeply. The world that I grew up thinking was bright and blissful was all over. I was living in a depraved world, and I didn’t want to accept it.”

He also attacked other girls in his manifesto, blaming them for his pain and suffering. He named another classmate who was beautiful that he believed he should have been going out with throughout college.

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He described himself as an “obsessed stalker” who found the girl on Facebook. However when he found out that she had a boyfriend he said that he wanted to kill him and make her watch. He wrote how he dropped his math class after his discovery because he couldn’t bear to admire her beauty anymore “knowing that some punk was able to enjoy having sex with her every day.”

He would later drop all of his classes, describing going to school with so many “beautiful girls” as “torture” and that the only option he had was to “even the score.”

“I wanted to make everyone else suffer just as they made me suffer. I wanted revenge,” he wrote.

There’s no doubt that this guy was severely mentally disturbed. Watch the video above and see for yourself then let us know if you think the NRA and the “gun lobby” are the reason he committed such heinous acts.

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