Thug’s Sucker Punch Kills Man In The Street

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Thursday night a sucker punch ended up killing a man on the street in the Bronx, now a massive manhunt is underway for the suspect. Fortunately for the police the whole incident was captured on surveillance video.

The fight happened at Guerrero Deli just after 11: p.m. and shows a disturbing scene where one blow was all it took to take a man’s life.

In the beginning of the clip, a man in a light blue polo shirt is seen talking to a man with an afro, seemingly calm. The men appear to be getting along, and the man in the polo is seen conversing with others inside the bodega.

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Then the man in the light blue polo, who was in the Bronx visiting his girlfriend from Switzerland, ends up going outside with the man who has the afro. The two appear to exchange words, at times right close to one another, before the man in the polo takes his shirt off and confronts the man with the afro.

For a half a second, the now topless man looks away and right at that point the man with the afro sucker punches him, which appears to knock him unconscious as he falls backwards completely limp and cracks his skull on the pavement. The man with the afro took several swings at the shirtless man, possibly hitting him three times.

The man with the afro quietly walked away as his victim lay motionless on the ground. Now the man who threw the punches is wanted for murder and the police are looking for him.

Police are catching heat for a slow response time, however they say it only took eight minutes from the time they were called until they got to the scene and say that witnesses should have called 911 sooner.

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