Bill Mahar SLAMS Liberals Over Gay Marriage

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On Friday’s “real Time with Bill Mahar,” the host lambasted the people who become outraged over comments other may have made in the past, such as those calling for the firing of people over it.

“Obama was against gay marriage in 2008, does he have to resign?”

Mahar first spoke about the 90’s and how the politically correct world first started coming about. “Blacks became African-Americans, Mexicans became Latinos and Indians became casino owners,” he explained.

He then drew a comparison of then to now, explaining how social media has changed the environment for people to find things to become outraged with.

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“In the ’90s, you had to at least get off your ass to be in a fake mood of hurt feelings.”

He believes social media has become a game of “gotcha” that people use to make themselves be morally superior to others. He also asked the question of why anybody cares what somebody said years ago.

Mahar then began blasting the people who are using political correctness as a bully pulpit to get people fired or force them to go to the liberal’s favorite, sensitivity training. Bringing up Phil Robertson’s comments on gay marriage he asked “Why even listen? What do you think he was going to say, ‘The Tonys are nothing without Neil Patrick Harris’?”

Mahaer went on to point out that Obama and Hillary were both against gay marriage, asking if they too should be fired for their previous stance.

Generally speaking Mahar is an idiot, however in this case he’s right. People need to spend less time being outraged and more time worrying about themselves. Apparently every now and again a liberal can be right about something.

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