Illegal Alien Suing First Responders Who Saved His Life

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We hear about all types of frivolous lawsuits from people who try to game to system to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Well this one may just take the cake, and it will also make you sick to your stomach.

Not only are illegal aliens taking over our nation, but now one is trying to sue first responders in Colorado who took part in a rescue operation, for him. Why is he suing them you ask? Because he was trapped in his car in a flood last September and doesn’t feel as if they rescued him fast enough, nice right?

On September 12 of last year Roy Ortiz’s vehicle was washed off the road and flipped upside down by rushing flood waters. Ortiz was trapped, and it took North Metro Fire Rescue roughly two hours to save him and get him to safety. Because of this, Ortiz is suing them because he believes they were negligent in their duty and should have extracted him from the vehicle faster.

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The court document lists Boulder County Sheriff’s deputies, Broomfield, the North Metro Fire Rescue District, and a member of the Westminster dive team as possible defendants.

His actions are abhorrent, and his attorney should be ashamed of himself. Ortiz’s words were:

“Well, I’m happy. I’m really happy to be alive…But I’m looking for some help with my bills. I don’t have the money to pay.”

His scumbag lawyer, Ed Ferszt, said “Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day. That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach?”

The illegal alien who’s already breaking our laws by being here is now looking to get $500,000 out of his lawsuit and says he’s still suffering from shoulder pain from the accident.

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