Virgin Teenager Destroys Liberal’s Casual Sex Argument

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An 18-year-old teenager spoke out and with very little words totally destroy the liberal argument for promiscuity and casual sex.

According to Charisma News, Phil Lyman spoke with his school’s newspaper and explained why he’s abstained from sex and how he feels there’s an overwhelming amount of peer pressure on today’s youth regarding casual hook-ups.

The Wellington College student doesn’t believe he’s missing out, but rather thinks that those sleeping around are the ones who aren’t content.

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“I really believe I am not. The people sleeping around are the unhappy ones.”

He noted that he believes around 90% of people lose their virginity when they’re drunk and he doesn’t want to do the same.

“It doesn’t make them happy and it upsets me to see it.”

For Lyman, sex is an “incredibly strong symbol of love” between two people  and shouldn’t be taken lightly or for granted.

“Think of it as glue. Once you have sex with someone, you’re connected to them emotionally and physically,” he said.

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“If you tear that bond the rip leaves open scars where the glue once was.

“That’s why ‘casual sex’ never works in the long term.”

He said that there has been times where temptation has reared its head and he’s struggled to remain abstinent, but still hasn’t caved to the pressure.

“There have been times I have been in a position where I could have gone and had sex with someone. I have had to step back and say ‘No, I am going to regret it.'”

“One of the reasons I decided to go public is I am at the top of the school now and I can look down and see there is so much pressure on younger pupils to have sex.”

Would you like to see more youth abstain from sex altogether? Let us know with a comment!

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