Obama Voters Say YOU Must Pay Their Way

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Thanks to the liberal ideology, the entitlement mentality in America has gotten so far out of control that it’s unlikely we’ll ever be able to reign it in, and this video shows us exactly that.

It’s a compilation of various clips that show people seem to honestly think they’re owed something for nothing, how does that make you feel?

These people truly believe that just because they were born they should have everything provided for them, without question. What’s worse, is that if anybody talks about reforming the programs that give these handouts then they’re called racist and every other derogatory term out there until they stop talking.

Additionally, we’re required to make due with less because of the non-existent “white privilege” that we incessantly hear about. America is full of white supremacists hell bent on oppressing minorities so that white people can dominate and live lavish lifestyles at their expense, isn’t that what we’re always told?

So as we all work hard and have over half of our checks stolen to pay for handouts, remember that the people getting them deserve it and if you disagree then you’re racist!

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