PITIFUL: Americans Don’t Know What Memorial Day Is For

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Well ladies and gentlemen, Mark Dice has done it again – this time proving that much of the United States population is disconnected from reality as almost none can explain why we celebrate Memorial Day.

As he hit a California pier to demonstrate how little Americans care any longer regarding U.S. tradition and culture, he started out by simply asking if people knew what Memorial Day was for. As several didn’t know and literally couldn’t even venture a guess, Dice became more ridiculous in his questioning.

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Sadly though, no one was able to refute the man as they didn’t know any better.

Perhaps the most disgusting of responses came when one young man shared that he didn’t care, and the only thing that mattered was that he had the day off of work. From there, Dice concocted explanations consisting of the reason we celebrate Memorial Day being for fallen surfers or those that signed the Declaration of Independence.


Even going so far as to say that John Wilkes Booth – you know, the guy who killed Abraham Lincoln – was a founding father, but still no one could prove otherwise that Dice was lying. Fortunately, one man at the end was able to finally stand up to Dice’s nonsense.

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In the times we live, seeing how danger lurks around every corner wishing to do America harm, it is truly despicable that even one American not know the reason we celebrate this holiday. I sincerely hope that all of our readers are laughing right now instead of making their way to google.

To those who have served, we thank you, and to those who have fallen, we are eternally grateful. Feel free to show your support for our fallen brothers and sisters in the comments below.

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