Victim Pulls Out Dreadlock of Knockout Game Attacker

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Although the knockout game seemed to die down as perpetrators were strictly punished when caught, it appears a few knuckleheads are still willing to test their luck. Most recently, a 21-year-old woman was taken to the hospital with a shattered eye socket after being blasted in the face from behind.

For those of you still unaware of what the knockout game is; it consists of someone being given one shot to knock someone out cold. The deal is, you only get to punch once, if they go down, the thugs usually celebrate, if not, they scatter like the cowards they are.

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It came out of nowhere as Elizabeth Meja was minding her own business walking down the street when 36-year-old Ibrahim King approached her from behind. Meja’s friend, Steve Sala, witnessed the attack and explained, “He looks at her for a very short moment and then he pulls his right fist back and lunges across the railing and punches her in the face.”

Reportedly, King tried to make a getaway after the assault, but Sala took chase. The woman’s friend was able to get King in a choke hold and even managed to rip one of the assailants dread locks off his scalp in the process.

Sala then reports, “I asked him repeatedly if he thought it was funny and asked him if he was sorry,” where, “He finally apologized, but not right away.” Meja’s friend then released the troublemaker where he was able to flee but was later apprehended by Port Authority detectives.

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Meja was immediately taken to the hospital by emergency services personnel where she was treated for several facial injuries including a fractured eye socket. No updates have been made regarding her status at this point.

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