Teen Girls Saving Thousands For Insane New Plastic Surgery

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Young women are turning to a new technology to give them something they think is a mark of beauty, a thigh gap. For those unfamiliar, the “thigh gap” is the gap in the upper thigh that some women have that prevents their thighs from touching when their legs are closed.

One of the young women interested in the surgery, Tara, said that the trend was sparked by naturally-thin celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung. She also said that it’s what “every girl” desires even though it’s physically impossible for many.

Tara apparently hit the gym five days a week and has been eating healthy but it wasn’t effective. Her thighs still touch just above the knee so she forked out the $1,000 to have her thighs treated with lasers to zap the fat away at the Thrive Institute.

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The process uses a Zerona Cold Laser device which is generally used to treat the fatty cells in the stomach and arms. It uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that sort of “pokes” holes temporarily in the fat cells which causes them to collapse. The excess liquid oozes out and is absorbed by the body then burned off as energy or removed from the liver.

It’s about half the price of liposuction and according to the manufacturers doesn’t cause any pain or swelling, making it the optimal choice for young women who don’t want to have actual cosmetic surgery. Now they’re hoping to use it to tone up their legs and achieve the coveted gap in their thighs.

Tara was told by the doctors that she would see results in as little as two weeks after she went through six 40-minute sessions with the laser.

She volunteered to have her procedure filmed and said she didn’t feel a thing while it happened.

The owner of the Thrive Institute believes that this new technology will become a growing trend amongst young women looking to achieve the perfect bikini body.

“Everybody has one part of their body that it’s really hard to get fat off right? And that’s where Zerona comes in,” he said.

All this might prove to be worthless, however, as many experts believe that the thigh gap is determined by genetics rather than fitness. Dr. Vonda Wright said that even extraordinarily thin people might not even have a body that can achieve a thigh gap since women have to be both skinny and wide-hipped.

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