Civil Unrest And Martial Law On The Brink Of Reality

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Our nation is currently teetering on the brink of a massive crisis that could include anything from a civil uprising to an economic collapse. As many sheep remain blissfully unaware of this fact, it seems as though the government has not only been preparing for such an instance, but has created a way in which they can control the situation through force.

It’s no mystery that police in this nation have slowly but surely been militarizing themselves giving them the appearance of soldiers more and more as each day goes by. No longer carrying just a service pistol, officers are now often seen with “high capacity assault rifles” – as the left likes to refer to them – and driving around town in retired machines of war.

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Despite the U.S. military not being allowed to operate on American soil, it seems that the government has been working long and hard to build up its own, legal domestic army. Furthermore, drills are constantly reported in which law enforcement personnel are running scenarios in preparation for a civil uprising where they may need to enact marital law.

Police have become clearly abusive in their duties as they strive to maintain complete and utter dominance while hiding behind their badges. Officers have become increasingly violent for no apparent reason other than to exhibit their control and permanently engrain the ability of their brute force into the minds of every American who may consider doing something out of line.

So what do you think – is the government and law enforcement only evolving with the times, or does there seem to be some ulterior motives behind their actions? Let us know in the comments below.

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