Pregnant Woman Gets DISTURBING Beat Down In The Hood

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There’s quite a few shocking videos out there but this one may be the most disturbing one yet, not only because of the victim but because the witnesses are standing by and allowing it to happen.

The video starts with both women standing there talking, seemingly having a calm discussion about something. However the tone quickly changes when the woman in the black, who’s said to be pregnant, pushes the other girl backwards which began the altercation.

The girl with the bandana on immediately reacts, throwing a punch at the pregnant woman and causing her to swing back. The fight almost immediately goes to the ground, with the pregnant woman on top of the other, throwing punches at her face while she’s on her back.

The two carry on in this manner, wrestling around and exchanging blows while the pregnant woman seems to have the advantage. They make it back to their feet and start wrestling around on the vehicles, still exchanging blows.

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Meanwhile the people who are watching know the woman is pregnant and are doing nothing at all to stop the fight. In fact they’re pushing for them to fight harder.

At around 2:00 in, the girl in the black is able to gain the advantage and punches the pregnant woman several times in the head rather hard. This apparently stunned her because she almost instantly went to the ground.

Once the pregnant woman was on the ground, the girl in the black runs over to her and stomps directly on her stomach. Then after regaining her balance she kicks her repeatedly in the stomach as if to purposefully inflict harm on her unborn child, if not kill it.

She then gets on top of the pregnant woman and begins savagely punching her in the stomach and face, even though at this point the pregnant woman is crying and has stopped trying to defend herself. She then gets up to allow the pregnant women to attempt to get up, but she doesn’t, then the girl in the black started ruthlessly kick her in the head and side.

The most shocking part of this video is that even though everyone knew she was pregnant and someone there even pleaded with them to stop the fight, the people watching just stood there. One man even asked “What’s she gonna do about it?” when told to stop the fight.

Such video are beyond disturbing and give us a glimpse into the low value that some place on life. It’s one thing to disagree with someone, but to purposefully attempt to murder their unborn child over a disagreement is savage and abhorrent, to say the least.

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