Syrian Terrorist Gets Sniped On Camera


May 23, 2014 10:06am PST

It’s no wonder Obama wanted to help out the Muslim Brotherhood when videos like this come out.   Of course, besides being a peaceful Muslim, you can just tell how ill equipped and unprepared as a man was caught going up against Syrian military forces barefoot.

Of course, the beginning portion of the clip shows the make-shift soldier finagling with his belt-fed light machine gun in order to get it to operational status. Trying to chamber a round seemed a bit too difficult as he had to put the heavy gun down twice to ensure its firing capabilities.

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After he gets it ready however, it’s time to go to town – albeit a short burst of fire. Suddenly the man drops to the floor and cries out to his fellow Allah loving brethren across the alleyway.

Played again in slow motion, it’s clear the man was shot in the thigh as the moment the bullet made impact was caught on camera. They say that not being effectively trained is deadlier than the weapons being fired in your direction, but this takes that to a whole new level.

Just because you have the bigger gun, doesn’t put you on the strategic high ground there pal.

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