Public School Voicemail Sticks It To Neglectful Parents

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It seems that in the days we live, accountability is shuffled off on to someone else as we needn’t be bothered with the hassle. As this notion continues to evolve, it seems as some are just about fed up with the finger pointing, including one Australia public school.

Apparently the school had received quite a few calls from angered parents blaming someone else for their child’s poor performance and in an effort to remedy the frequent calls, they put out a very special voicemail.

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Calling out parents for being neglectful in their duties as leaders and mentors for their children, the school sarcastically notes the usual calls in which they receive trying to place blame on someone else rather than their child.

From lying, to the frequent requests of transfers, the Australian school makes it clear where the real problems lie and even offer a suggestion on what to do about it at the end. Feel free to listen to the recording above and lets us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Isn’t it nice when “tolerance” is thrown out the window, and those who deserve it get called out for their nonsense?

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