Two Men Cornered This Woman, And They Did NOT See This Coming

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Every now and again we hear about a story that makes us smile just knowing that someone got what they had coming to them in the most unexpected of ways, and that’s exactly what happened when two large men tried to corner UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey in a movie theater.

The bantamweight fighter recalled the time when she went to see the movie “Juno” and had a problem with one of the other moviegoers. When the men with the other women tried to bully Ronda she beat them so badly that they tried to file charges against her, even though they started the fight.

Earlier this month Rousey, who’s going to be starring in an upcoming movie based on the book “Athena Project,” told the story during an appearance on Power 106 FM, and you’re definitely going to laugh about it.

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She said tha5t the altercation started when a rude patron sitting behind her in Ugg boots and a miniskirt put her feet up on the back of Rousey’ seat and actually nudged her head several times. In spite of Rousey asking the woman to stop and be polite she continued with her antics, which rightfully angered the professional fighter.

At the conclusion of the movie, Rousey said that she snatched the woman’s boot off of her foot and threw it across the movie theater, saying “get some manners.” However the two “huge” men that were with the woman didn’t like that and then tried to corner Rousey, refusing to let her leave and trying to force her to retrieve the boot.


When Rousey refused and tried to leave, one of the men pushed her and that’s when things got out of hand.

Rousey’s fighting instincts kicked in and she delivered an ass kicking to the two men that Chuck Norris would be proud of. She began punching one of the men in the face and then threw the other one to the ground by flipping him over her shoulder. In fact, the crowd in the theater was so stunned by her performance that they gave her a round of applause for showing the men that it’s not polite to hit a lady.

Dragging their dignity behind them, the men went down to the police station and tried to press charges against Rousey. However after an investigation police declined to pursue them and Rousey was never charged.

Who doesn’t love to hear a story like this where two “tough” guys are smacked down by the most unsuspecting person? Be sure to share this with your friends to show them how even the meanest of men can be put in their place by one determined woman.

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