Teens Busted For Running Homemade PORN Site

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Students of a Fairfax County, Virginia school have recently found themselves the targets of a police investigation after some disturbing claims were made. Apparently some male students made available a series of pictures taken of nude female classmates without the girl’s permission.

Police have reportedly searched the home of at least one student who attends McLean High School but are still amongst the investigation process. Police were informed of the matter by an anonymous tip after female pictures were seen on a photo sharing website called Dropbox.

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One female student – who was not a victim of the breech of privacy – was outraged by the news, and rightfully so. Explaining to local media outlets, she argued, “They should be punished, especially if they did it without the girls’ permission and I don’t think they had the girls’ permission.”


A parent of one the children attending McLean, Taki Gikakis, mentioned, “I heard a sophomore and senior are involved and the sophomore is the kingpin.” He went on to say, “If the allegations are true, it would be pretty upsetting.”

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Beside the fact that high schoolers are generally under the age of 18 and that this act could be considered distributing child pornography – a notion in which those making the photos available probably paid no attention to – this is fine example of why parents need to monitor their children internet activity.

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