Angelina Jolie Running for Political Office

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It looks like Angelina Jolie just might have a future in politics, at least that’s what we would be led to believe after her recent interview on Good Morning America.

She appeared on the show on Wednesday and the host asked her if she would ever consider running for political office. Jolie didn’t say no, and actually let on that she may be thinking about a future in the political arena.

“You know, if I thought I’d be effective, I would,” the human rights activist said.

“But I’m not sure if I would ever be taken seriously in that way, and be able to be effective.”

In the past she had dismissed the idea, citing the many “skeletons” she has in her closet however it would appear as if her outlook has changed.

After admitting that the majority of her skeletons were more than likely out of her closet, the famed actress spoke about her next tangible goal – marrying her long-time lover Brad Pitt.

“We don’t have a date, and we’re not hiding anything, but we really don’t know,” she explained.

”I think the important thing is that whatever we do it’s that the kids do have a great time, and we all — you know, take seriously the love, and the connection between all of us. But also just get silly and do something memorable.”

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