Liberal Claims Global Warming Will Cause The Eating Of Dead Bodies

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Of all the crazy things proposed by Liberals the newest of claims just may take the cake – or something like that. In yet another of his baseless justifications, alarmist Paul Ehrlich has recently warned Americans that they may need to, “eat the bodies of your dead,” because of the certain global warming apocalypse.

Oddly enough, this isn’t Ehrlich’s first bout of general thoughtlessness as back in 1968 he published a book titled “The Population Bomb,” that detailed the world becoming overcrowded. Of course, in such a scenario, food supply ran out and those who survived would be tasked with the reality of feasting upon the flesh of the dead for survival.

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Since those claims have long been debunked the seemingly satirical alarmist is at it again as he recently doubled down on the warnings except this time used global warming as the catastrophic instance that would cause such an occurrence.


It should be noted that Ehrlich made the comments on the left leaning media outlet Huffington Post wherein even the hosts were reluctant to refute the completely ridiculous claims. Simply asking, “Really, will it get that bad?” the host seemed to struggle not to crack a smile.

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Instead however, Ehrlich eventually went on to say that abortion needs to be enacted and viewed as birth control so as to put a stop to the killing of women who are denied such a service. We think you can understand just what planet this guys on by now.

So, as you guys gear up for the impending apocalypse, don’t forget to include a can of fava beans and bottle of Chianti in your bug-out bag. Let us know what you think of this nut job in a comment below.

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