Ghetto Trash Fistfights Directly In Front Of Toddlers

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We’ve all seen the videos of ghetto trash getting into brawls and one thing that’s apparent after seeing them is that there isn’t much that will stop them from fighting, apparently not even their own children.

In this particular video two women are going to town on one another, literally trying to pound the other’s face in all while there’s small children within feet of them. All the while there’s a crowd of people standing around them, cheering them on and even recording it and not a single person intervenes to stop it even though there’s children there. Something is seriously wrong with that.

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Ghetto fight

The video starts out with a man catching his eye on the fight so he pulls out his phone and starts recording. As he makes his way to the scene you can see the children in the picture, looking on as these two women savagely beat the hell out of each other.

The one woman can be heard yelling “get yo money n*gger!” repeatedly while she’s punching the woman below her on the ground. Meanwhile, a young child is approaching the women and not only seeing their violence, but hearing the vulgar language that’s being shouted.

“Beat her ass!” one of the onlookers yells repeatedly.

As this is all occurring, the man recording the video and a couple of others are having a conversation as if such activity is normal, like nothing is even happening. Just then one of his friends apparently walks up to him and the two exchange friendly hellos as the two women rage on.

The two women grapple on the ground for another moment or two, trying their best to inflict as much damage as possible. Shortly after, the bystanders finally step in to break up the brutal fight which they allowed to happen with children around.

Seeing a video like this should give you a good look into just what’s wrong in certain areas of our nation. Poor judgment has become an epidemic across the country, and the people in this video without a doubt have it. One can’t help but wonder, if someone is willing to allow a brawl to happen in front of young children, how many other questionable decisions are they making?

What other bad choices do you think the people in this video have made? Let us know with a comment!

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