32 Sought In Illegal Alien Operated Food Stamp Fraud


May 22, 2014 10:04am PST

Oregon Police recently issued warrants for 32 people found complicit in the implementation of a massive food stamp fraud ring. Amongst those were illegal immigrants, drug dealers, and your average parasite bottom feeders.

Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah recently announced that he had deployed the help of over 20 Federal agents and police officers in order to apprehend 32 individuals. “This is the culmination of well over a year’s worth of investigation,” Skrah explained. “This is not a local or a state venture, this is darn near national.”

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Authority’s attention was turned to Carniceria Mi Pueblo meat market where they suspected that the owner was trading benefits for cash. As it turns out, police were right as they soon discovered, “You go into the Mi Pueblo market down there. You swipe your card, they swipe for $200, they give you $100 back, so they instantly double their money. So they get the full $200 deposited into their account electronically,” as Skrah reports.

According to Herald and News, “The meat market was estimated to be taking in anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000 a month, according to Shepherd.” Furthermore, a nearby taco stand was also implicated in the fraud ring as police soon discovered that the meat market was using the cash-only stand to launder money.

Along with this, several food stamp recipients were going across the street to the stand where several were witnessed to have exchanged the newly acquired cash for methamphetamines. Severo Toro Castellon, 52, Rafael Ortega Vargas, 46, and Jose Morena Hernandez, 33 were all arrested and charged with, “first-degree aggravated theft, criminal conspiracy and other charges.”

Skah, outraged by the find, continued to address the public saying, “We’re trying to send a clear message: Do not bring your criminal activity and do not bring your dope to Klamath County. We will throw your ass in jail. Period.”

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He continued by noting, “These dollars were designed for folks in need, they were not meant to help drug cartels or help individuals make a profit or line their pockets. These people are parasites taking advantage of those folks that are in need. Shame on them.”

What do you guys think – what is a worthwhile punishment for illegal aliens crossing the border and stealing our hard earned tax payer dollars? Let us know in the comments below.


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