FBI, CIA, And DEA Agents Give Dire Warning To Americans

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It’s no secret that our government has basically turned rouge and has been painting everyday Americans as domestic terror threats, extremists, and anything else to make us look bad. Well back in 1997, three agents, each from a different federal law enforcement agency, came forward and issued a dire warning about our government and where it was headed.

The three agents, Dennis Dayle (DEA), Ralph McGehee (CIA), and Wesley Swearingen (FBI) joined Mark Levine for a broadcast to expose the evil that’s lurking within the very entities that are tasked with protecting us and our freedoms. According to them, the government had already painted we the people as the enemy, and was intentionally mismanaging the agencies designed to protect us from terrorism.

According to these agents, the people running the government realized how easily manipulated Congress is and that they didn’t have to worry about the mainstream media sounding any alarms about what was happening. They also were prophetic in saying that these factors would ensure that “horrific terrorist acts and the loss of our rights as citizens would surely follow.” Keep in mind this was four years prior to the 911 attacks.

As we watch our police forces become militarized and we see more instances of our government forcing its will around the world, how can we not believe what these men said is true? Nearly 20 years ago they gave us a glimpse into the future and nobody listened, now it’s happening all around us.

Having heard such a chilling message from that long ago and watching it all unfold before our very eyes now should be enough to scare anybody. There’s no doubt that those in our government are seeking to expand their power exponentially and will do whatever it takes to do so. All we can hope is that enough of us are prepared when it happens, otherwise things could get really ugly, really fast.

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