Ted Cruz Completely DESTROYS Smug Democrat

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The scandal regarding the IRS has been a long and tiring road for Republicans – like Senator Ted Cruz – to get not all, but any answers pertaining to the public Tea Party targeting. As it was clear, Cruz made his feelings quite apparent after addressing the room about the, “persistent stonewalling from the administration on this matter.”

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Cruz, visibly agitated, started out by explaining:

It has been 372 days, just over a year, since President Obama and Attorney General Holder both publicly stated that they were outraged at the IRS‘ improper targeting of conservative groups and individuals,” he said. “And yet, despite the passage of time, very little has happened.

However, the FBI director, in which Cruz was blaming for the aforementioned stonewalling, continued down the path of vague response under the cover of the “ongoing investigation.” After trying repeatedly to get just one single answer from the grasps of the director, it wasn’t long until the chairman of the committee, U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, cut Cruz off.

Explaining that the FBI Director’s response was more than “appropriate,” for Cruz’s line of questioning, the Republican Senator was even more visibly irked by the notion.

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Expressing his outrage of not only the interruption, but the principle of the matter, Cruz shut Leahy up by noting:

I would note for the record that when I introduced an amendment before this committee to make it a criminal offense to willfully target American citizens based on their political views, the chairman and every Democratic member of this committee voted against it,” Cruz replied. “I understand that there’s not an interest among some members of this body in learning what happened.

It’s always so very cool to catch Cruz in action, wouldn’t you say? Let us know what you thought of this exchange in a comment below.

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