EXPOSED: Barack And Michelle Obama Undeniably Racist


May 21, 2014 2:24pm PST

It’s no secret that Barack and Michelle Obama have both made some racially charged comments in their days, and we all know them to have a certain bias against white people that’s rather obvious. However when you look at different incidents over the years where they’ve taken a side, it’s undeniable that they’re as racist as they come.

A recent op-ed from WesternJournalism outlined those events, and the author couldn’t have been more spot on.

For one, if we look at the incident surrounding the New Black Panthers, a group known for its staunch anti-white and anti-sematic beliefs, we see an instance where Obama chose the side of the NBP rather than the side of justice. When a group of thugs from the group was at a police location in Philadelphia with batons and while slinging racial slurs Obama declined to prosecute them for voter intimidation. Now keep in mind this is the same group that has been labeled a black hate group by the far left Southern Poverty Law Center as well, so there’s no questioning where their views are. However as the author of the article noted, had that been members of the KKK not only would they have been prosecuted, they would still be sitting in jail.

Radical Racist Group Received Massive Grant From Obama’s DOJ

Then there was what Obama said about Russian President Vladimir Putin. “He’s got that kind of a slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom,” Obama said. Just think, for one second, the outrage that would have ensued had a white president said that about a black man, it would be the end of their career.

Or what about what happened with the Harvard professor when Obama jumped to conclusions right off the bat? Remember when Skip Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after the police came to his home on suspicion of burglary? He called the police “stupid” even though he knew nothing about what had transpired. As WJ correctly points out, what happened to due process? Obama espoused an anti-white worldview right then and nobody called him on it. Imagine if Bush called two black cops stupid for arresting a white man, exactly.

Then there was Michelle Obama, who managed to put down our great nation and expose her racist views at the same time. Remember when she talked about her husband being elected? “For the first time in my life I’m proud of our nation,” she said. Why is that, because it elected a black man? So she wasn’t proud prior to that?

The last week she suggested during a speech to high school graduates that students need to monitor their friends and family for anti-minority comments. When has she ever told anyone to monitor their black relatives for anti-white comments? Right, you guessed it, because that’s okay in her and Barack’s racist world.

If there’s one thing that’s obvious it’s that Obama and his cohorts have reversed where we’re at in this nation with race relations. We’re not in a post-racial society, and it’s because he, his wife, and other race pimps continue to perpetuate tensions because they’re all far more racist than the majority of white people in our nation.

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