Jay Leno Blasts Sharia Law and Muslims

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As more and more Muslims begin to inhabit America and bring their culture along with them, several American’s have become unsettled by the thought of Sharia Law. As it is part of the Islamic culture, many Americans, including Jay Leno himself, have already taken to saying that the religious law must, “never happen,” here in the United States.

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Speaking with a group of protesters demanding Americans boycott the several hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei after he implemented Sharia Law in his home country, Leno shared:

“Evil flourishes when good people do nothing, and that’s pretty much what this is” said Jay Leno.

“Berlin?  1933?  Hello?  Does it seem that far off from what happened in the Holocaust?”

“It’s all about human rights.  It seems like we have to live in this little bastion where this all goes on around us, but hopefully it will never happen here.”

Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Guliani also spoke out on the issue saying:

“Sharia law has parts to it that are against any notions of civility, civilization, decency…stoning people for adultery, stoning women if they get raped.  The victim gets stoned under some interpretations of Sharia law.  So these are horrible things that can never be applied in American courts.”

He eventually went on to say though that he doesn’t have much fear as America has standards to protect itself from such atrocities from infecting their way into our nation. However, do you think this is something the American people should keep a vigilant eye on? Let us know in the comments below.

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