‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’: Post-Hookup Ride Service To Become Reality Show

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A college student turned her good natured favors into a business that caught the attention of network executives, now it’s going to be turned into a reality show on VH1.

The “Walk of Shame Shuttle” service was started by Kellyann Wargo in her senior year at the University of Michigan after she started giving her friends rides home that were stranded and hungover after a night out. After coming up with the idea she created a short promotional video that almost instantly went viral, leading VH1 executives to contact her about turning her business into a television show.

It started out with Kellyann picking her friends up and having them take her out to breakfast and picking up the tab in exchange for the ride home. However it didn’t take long for her to realize that her services were popular enough for her to be able to turn it into a business.

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She said that it hit her that if she could get money out of her friends that she could “definitely make money off of strangers.”

“So my roommates helped me come up with the name, I made a poster, went viral… and then I had to follow the law and get a chauffeur license,” she said.

So with her new service she charges her clients $5 for “a ride home, a bottle of water and a high five.” If necessary she’ll even provide her passengers with a coupon for the Plan B pill.

The reality show will feature her driving home random party-goers, and more than likely focus on the most entertaining part of the drive – The conversations that she has with her passengers.


“There are crazy going out stories, crazy I don’t know where I woke up stories, I just broke up with my boyfriend stories, and everything in between,” she said.

VH1 senior vice president Jill Holmes said that Kellyann’s witty humor and bubbly personality will also help to draw in viewers. The executive said “We just fell in love with her.”

Holmes explained that Kellyann has a “fresh take” on things and puts a “positive and comedic” spin on them all. “We have to meet her and do a show on this,” she thought upon seeing the video.

The original video, which is shown above, features Kellyann driving home different college girls the morning after Halloween while poking fun with them all.

Her reality series is expected to air sometime this summer and will show her attempting to expand her service into other college towns across America.

So is this genius or repulsive? Let us know with a comment!

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