Former Soldiers Expose Political Elites’ Plan For Martial Law

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Though many sheep remain blissfully ignorant as they strut down the path to destruction it appears that several members of the U.S. military have taken to speaking out regarding some of the things they’ve seen over the years. Trying to enlighten those unwilling to think for themselves, several former service members have collectively exposed the political elite complicit in a plan to implement marital law.

The video starts out with a soldier, recently returned from Iraq, who came back to witness the abuse American police officers exert over U.S. citizens. Outraged, he asks, “This is the United States of America, why are you hurting people?”

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He goes on to exclaim that the officers were, “hurting people I fought to protect,” and that there is, “no honor in hurting unarmed civilians.” He lastly declares, “I won’t let it happen,” and he is not alone – not by a long shot.

The next (former) soldiers share a series of events they consider to the false flag attacks perpetrated on our country as a result of greedy politicians. Claiming that 9/11 was a ruse intentionally designed to open a window for America to invade Afghanistan, one soldier goes so far as to say that “all” servicemen knew that they had been deceitfully sent over there.

Others warn that distracting talking points such as abortion and race have allowed for president’s to enact certain executive orders that literally render the American people without rights. Saying that they have effectively created an America in which they have legal authority to do as they please, citizens have fallen victim to the governments plan.

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However, these men do claim one thing is clear – it is not too late, yet. We have a duty to protect this country from those who wish to do it harm in the pursuit of selfish agenda, and together it is possible. Although it is feared that the sheep will only wake up after they’ve been locked away, those aware are doing their darndest to make a call to action.

What do you guys think – is there some truth to what they have to say? Will American’s wake up before it’s too late? Let us know your thoughts on this video in a comment below.

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