Obama Assassination Plot Exposed

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In yet another unverifiable claim by a conspiracy nut, several claims are coming forward saying that a highly publicized attempt on Obama’s life, as he visits Cooperstown, NY during the upcoming week, will be made. Reports have branched out saying that several reconnaissance missions have already been made that have directly resulted in emergency tactics by Secret Service and even a White House lock down.

The report comes from David Chase Taylor, a known conspiracy theorist who writes for Truther.org. Connecting the dots to several speculative issues, Taylor paints a non-descript picture, wherein if all the parts line up, could perhaps mean an attempt will soon be made on Obama’s life.

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As the recent months have come to pass, Obama has made a habit of making quick plans to several different states for various reasons – although, the trips usually had to do with fundraisers.   According to Taylor, NY will be the 16th state Obama will have visited in the past 100 days – a practice unprecedented for a president during his second term.

This kind of chaotic and frequent travel have allowed for lax security as Secret Service has not been allowed enough time to properly secure locations before Obama’s arrival. Taylor reports that this broken security system, as it stands, is exactly what those wishing to do Obama harm are going to take advantage of.

Taylor then goes into a string of semi-related issues in which he claims were failed false-flag attacks that the government later couldn’t go through with and set up staged events in order to cover up their original plans. Speaking of having to recover weapons and explosives, Taylor’s conspiracy side really comes to light.

However, most recently, certain things have been going awry for Secret Service as Obama’s daughters caravan was recently tailed to the extent that agents had to deploy evasive measures and even locked down the White House entirely. Along with this, Obama’s Chief of Staff was reported to have been blowing through red lights in order to evade pursuers earlier this month as well.

Secret Service has done a pretty good job of protecting the president as only the reported assassination attempts reported total some 75 – as of now. If someone were able to pull off assassinating the first black President of the United States, could you imagine the implications?

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Feel free to read Taylor’s full report here.

There’s no doubt that Obama should be impeached – which carries its own heavy repercussions for the black community – but could you imagine the state of the nation if Obama was actually martyred? What do you guys think – could there be some truth to this, or is this more tin-foil hat nonsense? Let us know in the comments below.

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