Welfare Queen Flips On Clerk Because She Can’t Get Cash From EBT Card

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Welfare is usually thought of as a system in which those in need can lean upon in times of need. Throughout the last couple years however, Obama has turned that system into a prison of dependency in order to ensure future Democratic votes.

Recently demonstrating the low-life’s taking advantage of the generous system was a woman flipping out because she couldn’t get cash from her EBT (food stamps) card. Of course, the woman naturally blames someone besides herself despite the problem lying with her own ignorance of the issue.

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Instead of realizing, that’s not how the system works, she takes the blaming the clerk for, “changing the game.” She then spews a few empty threats at the man and asks why he’s giving her such a hard time.

Of course, he could have explained it until he was blue in the face, and she wouldn’t understand, but this is truly the world in which we live – a large part of it, thanks to Obama. Let us know what you have to think of this in a comment below.

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