Scathing Man Expresses Outrage Over Cigarette EBT Purchase

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In a video clearly demonstrating the view hardworking Americans have of Obama’s imprisoned voters (i.e. freeloading welfare recipients), a YouTube user just about lost it after learning that a person on food stamps used his EBT card to buy cigarettes.

Apparently a 65-year-old woman, and convenience store employee, in New Hampshire was approached by a boy who wanted to buy some cigarettes. When she asked him for ID, he simply whipped out his EBT (food stamps) card to which she replied he couldn’t make the purchase with that card as it was intended for food.

The next day, the boy reportedly returned to the store with his mother who demanded she allow the boy to buy the cigarettes with the food stamps card, but once again she declined. The mother then called the store manager who came down and said they were allowed to buy cigarettes with the card and they could even buy alcohol and gamble as well (i.e. scratch off tickets).

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The woman was allegedly fired for her refusal and the boy walked out with his cigarettes.

For the countless Americans who work for their living and still have no money left over for the extras in life, it’s no mystery why it’s so upsetting. However, in the effort to ensure the longevity of the Democratic party, stunts like this will continue so long as the votes come rolling in when its time.

What do you guys think – did this guy hit the nail on the head with this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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