Parasite Demands You Go To Work To Pay HER Healthcare

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In a video one could only hope to be satire – although nothing is truly indicative of this – a woman claims she loves her some Obama because of the good he’s going to do for the black community. The most important of changes she boasts will be Obama offering free healthcare.

She claims that she voted for Obama based off nothing more than the color of his skin as she explains the faith in him she has knowing how much good will come to America’s black population. Saying that she now doesn’t have to worry about her medical bills, the woman goes on an enraging rant that is sure to make hardworking American’s blood boil.

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Boasting of the “free” government money now coming her way, she declared, “yes we can,” get sick, playing off Obama’s former campaign slogan. Perhaps the most irritating aspect of this video is when the freeloader demands Americans now get back to work so that they can pay for her free healthcare.

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