“Obamavilles”: America’s Resurfacing Homeless Tented Cities

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Long have been the days in which tented communities were erected in order to provide a suitable community in which the homeless could live. As they make their return amidst the continuing downward spiral the economy seems to be stuck in – despite Democrats inaccurate claims saying that its one the rise – some are considering dubbing them “Obamavilles.”

The thought for such a name came from the days of the Great Depression where the collapse of the economy rendered countless Americans homeless and in need of shelter. During that time, those unlucky enough to find themselves without, banded together to create shanty towns.

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The names for these less than glamorous communities came to be known as Hoovervilles – a name brought forth by the Democratic party in an effort to smear not only President Hoover, but the Republican party entirely. Of course, just as it is now, it wasn’t the presidents fault for the state of the economy as the Fed abused its power back then as well causing a catastrophic collapse – but any chance to demonize the Right is a golden opportunity that any Liberal would be sure to jump at the chance.

It seems that this trend has recently resurfaced as several Americans have once again found themselves without homes in numbers so large they’re able to group together. According to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, “[T]here have been increasing reports of homeless encampments emerging in communities across the country, primarily in urban and suburban areas and spanning states as diverse as Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Connecticut.”

Seeing how circumstance has reared its ugly head once again, it only seems fitting that the reputation of the man in charge during the rise of these tent communities be held accountable for their existence right? At least that’s how the Democrats felt when a Republican was in charge – and you know what they say about the goose and the gander.


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Someone must be credited for such a result and as we’ve all seen Obama only further enslave this nation’s people through dependence rather than at least attempting to dig us out, it only seems fitting. From here on out, those towns depicting the epitome of Obama’s policies will be now known as, “Obamavilles.”

What do you guys think – an eye for an eye, or does the whole world actually go blind if we play that game? Let us know in the comments below.

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