Children Of Holocaust Survivors Hone Their Shooting Skills

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Children of Holocaust Survivors is an organization which has recently taken up a very worthy cause; namely, teaching kids firearm skills.

This is quite a poetic turn of events, seeing as how their ancestors met their demise as a result of gun confiscation.

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Liberals have no use for the fact that Jews were able to be persecuted en mass because they were previously stripped of their means to protect themselves. Now, years later, in Los Angeles the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors keep the memory of those horrible times close to their hearts while learning how to load, aim, and shoot a gun.

Lea Rosenfeld, who attended the shoot at Angeles Shooting Range, remarked:

“My question has always been why they didn’t fight back, and my mother could never give me a good answer. They weren’t prepared for it, they didn’t believe it was going to happen and they didn’t have anything to fight back with.”

Bingo. They didn’t have anything to fight back with!

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We could just as easily suffer the same fate as the unfortunate victims of the Holocaust right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave if the gun grabbers succeed with their agenda.

As for me, I’ll cling to my guns and religion until the day I die. How about you? Sound off in the comments section!

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