Democrat: End Of GOP Unless Amnesty Is Passed

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In a truly head turning notion, a Democratic Rep. recently spouted off that if amnesty is not passed, George W. Bush will go down as the last Republican president of the United States of America. He further insisted that current government agencies ignore immigration laws until it is passed as well.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez recently announced that the failure to answer the call and grant illegal aliens citizenship will certainly be the end of the GOP. “I give you George W. Bush–the man who will go down in history as the last Republican president in American history,” Gutierrez gushed as he addressed the floor.

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Little does he know that America has a long standing habit – until the current administration that is – of punishing those who break our nation’s laws. Seeing how borders are what define our nation, those entering illegally have technically invaded, they are immediately deemed, from the moment they cross that line, criminals.

Gutierrez however feels it right to reward those criminals with citizenship despite the countless other American hopefuls that are going through proper channels and have been waiting patiently for years on end. The Rep. however seems blissfully ignorant of this reality but did manage to get a few facts right:

If you do nothing on immigration, I guess you can take comfort in knowing that from Abraham Lincoln to George W. Bush, you had a pretty good run. Freeing the slaves, winning the Civil War, the interstate highway system–those all go in the highlight column.

This is a surprising admission for Democrats seeing how they’re the first to label the GOP as racist and claim responsibility for such acts in the process. Gutierrez continued to make a fool of himself as he continued his delusional fantasy wherein Republicans would one day be, “a national party…. they read [about] in the history blogs.”

Gutierrez then suggested that Republicans, “still have time to change history,” and join forces with Democrats on the issue. He further noted that all he needs is, “60, 70, 80 Republicans,” in order to pass, “a bill or a series of bills,” in order to grant citizenship to all those Democrat voters – ahem, I mean illegal aliens.

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Concluding his comical spiel, he finished by urging, “I suggest they do it for Abraham. They do it for George. Do it for any little boy or any little girl in America who wants to grow up to be a Republican president.”

Apparently Gutierrez needs a lesson on the reality of his beloved Democratic party as it hurries to brace itself for the upcoming 2014 elections. Alright, now that you’ve regained your composure after you’re little laughing fit, feel free to leave a comment detailing what you thought of this nut job in the comments below.

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