Turns Out, The Best Way To Deal With Socialists Is To Just Ignore Them

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After all these years of fighting against Socialism, it seems that the answer to the problem has been staring us in the face all along. When a group of socialists barged their way into a local McDonalds demanding minimum wage be raised to $15/hr., those in the restaurant just ignored them, prompting the socialists to simply leave.

Now let’s just toss aside the fact that the folks don’t truly understand the concepts in which they spew – as if they did they would understand that McDonalds is a franchise business consisting of several small business owners, not a huge chain – but the events that transpired were actually quite comical.

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America was built on the foundation of hard work and dedication in that if you wanted to do well in life, you’re going to have to work for it. However, especially under the current administration, American’s have been bred to be entitled free loaders willing to wait by their mailboxes at the first of the month rather than go to work.

Too bad they don’t understand though that the more people that stop working, the less money there is to pay those unable (or unwilling) to afford a living. Whether or not they knew the socialists’ principles were unfounded, those eating at the restaurant simply ignored those spouting off the ridiculous ideals.

Of course, seeing how the excitement level was just about nil despite the screaming hippy, the socialists eventually just marched out of the restaurant after rattling off their pre-written speech.

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Nothing to see here.

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