Find Out What’s Got Oprah’s Neighbors So Angry They’re Suing Her

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As we’ve come to learn, Oprah is nothing more than a selfish and racist personality that longs for nothing more than her own desires. So was discovered to be the case as she wedged herself into a new community where she has already angered her neighbors so bad, they’re suing her – and her house isn’t even built yet.

The incident was brought about after Oprah purchased a chunk of land and effectively cut off access to trails on the property that had been available to the public for decades prior Oprah’s arrival. Retired physicist Charles D. Goodman, the peeved neighbor, is accusing Oprah, her “Yellow Brick Road company the property’s former owners and the town of Mountain Village,” of making a secretive deal wherein the former talk-show personality would acquire the land in a $10.5 million deal.

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As the path runs through Oprah’s newly purchased land, those who used to frequent the trail, no longer have access. The former owners also claim that they tried to amend the deal allowing for the pathway to remain open to the public, but Mountain Village is denying any such accusations.

Despite the trails having been established back in 1989, it seems that Oprah couldn’t possibly care less. Although the plans have yet to be submitted, she is set to build yet another mansion on the property with accompanying guest home as well.

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In order to comply with the town’s wildfire mitigation policy, Oprah is also going to have to chop down between 800 and 1000 trees on the property as well.

What do you guys think – should we really be shocked or is this kind of selfish behavior just something we’ve come to expect from Oprah? Let us know in the comments below.

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