Woman Forces 3-Yr-Old To Eat Poop As Punishment

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Despite the shocking times in which we live, there will always be those few people who take it to the next level ensuring the mindset that man has yet to sink its lowest. In a truly repulsive turn of events a mother has recently been accused of forcing a 3-year-old girl to ear her poop as a form of punishment.

Nicole Renee Candelaria, 27, was allegedly at home watching her boyfriend’s three children while he was at work. During this time, the 3-year-old girl had defecated inside the bathtub prompting Candelaria to become outraged.

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From there, she forced the little girl to eat the excrement as punishment and then proceeded to hold her on the toilet seat. Apparently the girl has bruising on her sides confirming the story as the Candelaria made an attempt to show the girl where she was to use the bathroom.

The incident was brought to the attention of the authorities after the biological mother of the children learned of the incident. The girls twin sister and 5-year-old brother were able to confirm the reports as they bore witness to the incident in its entirety.


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Candelaria was arrested and formally charged with child abuse and remains there on $5,400 bond. Although she denies all accusations the children are reported to currently be in CPS custody.

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